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A local spirit distilled from palm sap.

Bush fallowing

A form of farming where the location of the cultivated land shifts but the location of the settlement does not.


The Ghanaian currency.

Drinks fee

Drinks are traditionally offered from one person to another as the formal acknowledgement of a transaction. 'Drinks fee' is the term used for the money which changes hands during a land transaction. A drinks fee equivalent to the value of the land itself may be demanded when cocoa sharecropping is carried out due to the long-term or permanent alienation of one half of the land from the landlord.


A partially fermented, dehydrated meal made from cassava.


The passage of land or other property between two people in the form of a gift is a traditional practice. The passing of a gift must be witnessed and the recipient must offer drinks to the giver before the gift is permanently and formally recognised.


Cooked, fermented maize dough.


Kinship based on the female line.


A means of obtaining access to land for agriculture whereby the landlord provides the land and the tenant farmer provides the labour inputs. At harvest time the crop is shared. The sharing is either abunu where the landlord receives half the crop and the tenant farmer receives the other half, or abusa where the tenant farmer receives two thirds and the landlord one third. For cocoa the tenant farmer establishes and maintains the cocoa trees until they are yielding, and then the farm is divided on the abunu basis.The tenant farmer may keep this land indefinitely as long as the cocoa farm is maintained.


A chieftaincy or the land under a chieftaincy.











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